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A little bit of everything
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My Crafts and Projects

Ok, so I've started making a few of my own little witchy products, wands are my specialty so far, but I promise there are more to come. Things that have (E)'s on them mean they're on eBay, if they have a (B) it means I would like to barter for them so email me with suggestions of what you would like to barter with if you want them. (T) means taken, it's neither for sale or for trade, it means I've either personalized it for someone, sold it already, or it's a gift for someone.

By the way, email me if you have any constructive criticism for me, I love it all. of course this dosn't mean "Oh, I hate the color red on that wand" or things like that, but if you have suggestions about carving and stuff like that, please share! 

The Handle
Here is a better(closer) picture of the handle

My First Wand (E)
Measuring approx 11", with it's handle of wrapped strings, it's a lovely addition to any altar

The Trail
Here is a better(closer) picture of the trail(or tail if you will)

My next project, which is in the works, is my pentagram altar table, pics from the first stage(carving and staining) will come tomorrow, I just don't have time right now, and the rest...well lets just play it by ear

Me in my dining room starting the staining process
I know I look a bit silly in old baggy clothes, but this approach turned out really well

The color, as I said in the caption, didn't come out in this picture, it's got more of a green tint to it, more earthy, it also looks as if it's antique somewhat, I plan to antique it later on. by the way, I need ideas for like, what sorts of dried flowers or other things I should put in as representations for earth, air, fire and water. I already know what I'm doing for earth and air, but please give suggestions for fire and water!  

After the staining process
the color didn't come out well in this picture and thats what I was trying to show