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My People to People Page

I was just accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador Program.  I'm going to go with a group of regional students and travel throughout France, Italy, and Malta for 21 days!!

I'm starting on my fundraising, along with local donations, getting sponsors, doing odd jobs, babysitting, and other things I plan to do, I was hoping that maybe someone who visits this site would be generous enough to send me some spare change or a dollar or so, whatever you want to give.  My tuition to the program is $4,590.00 and this will be very hard for my family alone to pay. So if anyone is feeling generous around this holiday season, my address is:
Katherine Thomas
Po Box 846
Ridgeley, WV 26753
I hope to keep you all updated on how much money I've raised and how much I have left to earn. I'll put up a new page for my journal entries and pictures of my trip and orientation meetings. I think this is an experience everyone should be able to feel a part of. I'll do my best to do just that with the journal and pictures, I'll also be adding information about the People to People program itself.
Days till my next orientation: 6

Pease email me if you have any questions or any ideas about what other kinds of fundraising I should try.