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Book Page

My choice in books is very good, don't take my word for it, read some yourself.

I'm not done updating yet!!! I'm so stuck on what books I should put up, because I tend to lean a bit towards the fantasy genre. The books that I read are very good, or I wouldn't read them, but they aren't for everyone.
Ps: if anyone has a problem with one of the books I put up(because I personally have read them all and think they are wonderful) please email me and tell me why. I'm gonna put up a new page just for you if I get enough reasons.
All of these are HIGHLY reccommended by me.
(More to come, sorry there isn't more but this is just all I could remember from the past 3 months. Ps: I'm still on the Dragonriders of Pern series, but it's great so far.)
J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series: My favorite series. All the Obvious reasons.
Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Series: This series is tied with Harry Potter as my favorite series, it's wonderful, the stories play out so marvelously, this could have gone on for a few more books (unfortunately it only went three, but it was wonderful nonetheless.)
Eion Colfier's Artemis Fowl Series: Absolutely brilliant! I loved this book because it stood out among the rest. It depicted not only the world we live in in an entire different light, but it depicted the "fairy tale" realm differently as well. I really think this should be read by people of all ages. There are two books in this series.
Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern Series:
T.A. Barron's Lost Years of Merlin Series
Reccommended Book list for Beginning Wiccans/Pagans:
"The Well-Read Witch" Carl McColman
"Teen Witch" Silver Ravenwolf
"To Ride a Silver Broomstick" Silver Ravenwolf
"To Light a Sacred Flame" Silver Ravenwolf
"To Stir a Magick Cauldron" Silver Ravenwolf
"Earth, Air, Fire, Water" Scott Cunningham
"Wicca- Guide for the Solitary Practicioner" Scott Cunningham 
"Wiccan Magick-Inner Teachings of the Craft" Raven Grimassi
"The Wicca Handbook" Eileen Holland
"Ariadnes Thread-A workbook of Goddess Magic" Shekhinah Mountainwater
"Enchantments of the Faerie Realm" Ted Andrews
"Astral Projection" Denning & Phillips
"The Complete book of Plamistry" Joyce Wilson
"Easy Enchantments" Lexa Rosean Warning: This book contains black magic spells, I don't reccommend or encourage using that type of magick as I'm strictly a witch of the right-hand path. However, there are wonderful little confidence spells and things like that, they are the reason I put this book on. Magic should never be used to control or harm anyone!
-(I have to go for now, duty calls)-  
Where to buy books at:
Best Bet: Paperback Book Exchange(part of the four quarters sponsorship network, which means you can register for the four quarters events there)
1223 National Hwy LaVale MD 21502       301-729-8100
(Plus here: the woman who runs the store is very nice. Wide variety of things, boks, drums, gemstones, oils, and such. They also have a great selection of bumper stickers, hehe)
Country Club Mall, 1262 Vocke Rd. LaVale MD 21502        301-729-3400
(pretty good selection, guy at the checkout tends to look at people funny, not the greatest staff in the world, but they have pretty much everything in one section so you don't have to ask for help much, when I say help, I mean it in a very bland way here, they're more hassle then help and you'd have more luck finding it on your own)
Book Center
15 N. Center St. Cumberland MD 21502    301-722-2284
(Not really a good place to buy wiccan/pagan books, but if your looking for a nice history section, this is a great place. Plus here: Nice staff, good location, right in the middle of the old mall. Only a short walk from my house)
Sacred Ground(Closed due to mall renovation, not reopening)
Country Club Mall, 1262 Vocke Rd. LaVale, MD 21502 301-729-2443
(Great selection, you can't buy books here, but you can buy drums, t-shirts, gemstones, inscence/burners, jewlery, and other great stuff.) 

If all else fails, try eBay!