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A little bit of everything
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At The Moment


My Halloween Costume!!!
ph34r the evil ugliness bwahahaha

At The Moment...
Time: 8:51 pm
Day: Wednesday
Date: 4
Month: May
Wearing: Blue shirt and Tie up Khakis
Books of the moment:  Children of the mind, Shadow of the hegemon
CD of the Moment: A bit of everything. I found an artist named Frou frou recently who I really like, that's about it.
Surfing: My blog
Playing: Aspereta
Thinking: About nothing
Feeling: The current mood of _Alive_ at
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Craving: pomegranets ^_^(as always) actually any kind of fruit would do quite nicely
Looking Forward to: The end of Senior year
Not Looking Forward to: Anything
Wanting: nothing
Smelling: Nothing
Person On My Mind: Everyone(yes that includes you... :) hope I've brightened your day!! tehe)
Quote Of The Day: "I look oompaloompatastic"