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Vacation Page!!

Greetings from the Royal Carribean's Soverign of the Seas, destination Bahammas!

The Soverign of the Seas
Here's our boat, right where it stopped for Coco Cay, we were ferried in.

Kelly & Me & Kris
Here we are on the BB'sC boat again...I don't know where alex went.....

Have you ever heard that the color you wear the most, sometimes represents your personality? Look at the picture above, just goes to show you that it's an extent atleast.
Kelly: Wearing Black: for wounded pride, negative, protection, returning to sender. (black is also an absence of color, so it could represent absence of freedom/freewill)
Me: Wearing White: Righteousness, Purity, Devotion(White is also the combination of all colors which means sort of eclectic)
Kristin: Wearing Red: Love, romantic atmosphere, energy
Kelly, wearing her black shirts and being the baby of the family, I'd immediately jump to negative energies, but being who she is, in my family, I tend to lean more towards wounded pride. She tries hard to be her own person but is stuck in the shadow of four other kids(which represents the absence of color/freewill)
Me, wearing my white shirts and being the eldest of the three currently at home, and Pagan, I immediately jump to the fact that the colors combine, or eclectic. seeing as I'm eclectic in my religion, but I also retain a level of innocence(making me trustworthy) and I'd like to think I'm righteous in Paganism.
Kristin, wearing her red shirts and being who she is...I'd say that her choice represented the fact that she demands attention and has more passion-wise love, then compassionate. She exhibits more of a need to love and be loved and she dosn't care about much else. I won't go into the subject of kristin anymore...I'd get myself into too much trouble

Alex, Kris, Kelly
Here are Alex and my sisters at the front of our boat to Blackbeard's Cay

It's so great to find people you can just goof around with! Me & Kris & Alex had so much fun, we made asses out of ourselves for little scavenger hunts and things and didn't waste one moment by not having a good time. The picture of Alex, Kris, and Kel is from Nassau, on the boat out to BlackBeard's Cay to snorkel with the stingrays. (They had them penned up!!! I couldn't believe how horrible tourism had gotten in Nassau!!)

There'll be tons more pictures later, just be patient, I haven't even gotten the rest of my film developed yet!!