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Dreams for Hire

Here is my resume!!! I hope someone looks at this, and as soon as I can find a headshot it'll be up here too, I'm in the process of having my pictures redone. I know it dosn't seem as if I have much experience, but it's just I can't remember what the name of the production or place was. I have more experience, I assure anyone reading this, I've done a ton of talent shows, choruses, and other things. I'm extremely hard working, I could care less what the part is or if I'm even payed, I just love acting so much and I just want a chance! I don't give up on what I've started, and if I'm doing something I love I have unlimited time and energy. Everyone says certain roles can make or break someone's career, I don't believe that, whatever I play will make a difference, it'll atleast get me experience.

Katherine Thomas
Height: 5,2"
Weight: 115
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Phone: 304-738-1515
Film: No experience yet

Theater: Cumberland Theater Kids                   Cumberland Theater

Charlie Brown Christmas(Lucy)                          St. John Newman Elementary School

Sheil Silversteins Poetry(featured)                     Frankfort Middle School

Modeling: Fashion Bug Spring and Fall 2002 Fashion Show      Fashion Bug, Country Club Mall, Lavale

Hawaiian Tropic Pageant                                    Hawaiian Tropic, Country Club Mall

Training: Acting Classes                                    Cumberland Theater

Vocal Lessons                                                  Cumberland Musical Academy

Modeling Lessons                                               Cumberland Dance Salon                  

Special Skills & Interests:Singing, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Color Guard(also some Riflery), Some ballroom dance skills, Ice skating, leadership skills.