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Herbal Remedies

My favorite approach to medicine is not the technological approach, although handy, it has too many flaws. I prefer to use what has been working ever since the beginning of man - herbal medicine. Why mess with success

I'll add my own remedies and such later on, but for now the links below have proven quite useful for me.   Warning: If you don't have any experience or knowelede on the subject of herbal medicine, please see a doctor about any major illnesses or injuries. Herbal medicine works great, but it can't fix everything.

Alternative Nature Online Herbal

Radical Weeds

~Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way~ Susun Weed

Good luck to those who wish to learn herbal medicine, it really won't be as hard as it seems....all you need is a plant identification booklet(or perhaps you choose to use on online version, a booklet would just be more portable, hehe) a forest(or yard, you'd be surprised), a good memory, and a will to learn and you'll do wonderfully!